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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 20, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> that's what time it is. >> it's friday, too! glad to be here today. got a great day ahead. going to see a whole lot of sunshine. a very cold start in parts of the bay area. concord 32. 30 santa rosa. 39 san jose. your weekend forecast is coming up. >> we still have a high wind advisory in effect just for the bay bridge this morning. and roadwork continues from the incline towards the towers. your drive times all coming up. >> thank you. animal control officers say it was a huge dogfighting operation. andria borba tracked down the dog's owner for his side of the story only on kpix 5. >> reporter: there are 11 pit bulls police department say were at the heart of this dogfighting ring in eldridge avenue. the man who lives at the home in question calls himself john and didn't want his face shown
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on camera, spoke only with kpix 5. he says the allegations are false. >> i tried to breed the dogs. there wasn't no fighting. >> reporter: opd says there were chewed up kennels, stakes in the grounds and hastily put up cages is the trademark of fighting. john says he is being set up. >> animal patrol people said you had chains and -- >> that's exercise. it's legally -- you can go online, go anywhere and actually buy whatever i have. >> reporter: inside animal services, the dogs will be temperament tested and for these shivering dogs that bit two officers, likely put down. >> the person running these operations ruined these dogs. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> the case will be given to the alameda county d.a.'s office. animal service hopes to find
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homes for the pit bulls that can be rehabilitated. fremont police are looking for four men responsible for a home invasion robbery. kpix 5's betty yu says it's not the first time the victim was targeted. >> reporter: two men dressed in hoodies took a casual walk across the lawn before two others followed sprinting toward this home. they kicked down the door in seconds while the woman inside too afraid to show her face on camera hid in her closet. >> i thought originally that if i make some noise upstairs they will go away thinking somebody isn't there. >> reporter: it was too late, the four brazen robbers and victims were only separated by a closet door. >> they opened the closet. they were trying to pull the door out. i was trying to close it back again. and they were huge and they were making big noise. i got scared and i let go. >> reporter: things turned violent. >> he was shouting and point
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the gun at me and they saw the jewelry i was wearing. he took it from me. >> reporter: the men stole her wedding ring and chain right off her. they ransacked the home in less than two minutes before jumping in this silver infiniti suv. it was captured on the family's surveillance video casing the home minutes before. they even used the driveway. the couple installed the security cameras after they were burglarized in february. >> last time they broke in i was pregnant seven months and after that, one month later i had a miscarriage. and i lost the child. >> reporter: police can't say for sure whether the crimes are connected. shows a handful of burglary within two miles of the home in the last 30 days. betty yu kpix 5. >> during the last robbery, thieves stole more than 30,000 in jewelry and electronics. in los altos hills, a man
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shattered a window. the santa clara county sheriff's office said once inside the men ransacked a bedroom and stole jewelry. because of that video, investigators have these images of the suspects. they haven't pinned down the ages but if you recognize them, call police. for a lot of target shoppers, it's the nightmare before christmas. juliette goodrich found bay area customers hacked in target's security breach. >> to continue using your card, please verify these three transactions. >> reporter: when amy shopped at target three weeks ago she had no way to know she and millions of other shoppers were about to be scammed. >> so i went on my bank of america account and it said ralph, los angeles. it clicked. i was like oh, -- >> reporter: someone charged $54.95 on her credit card in l.a. here's how investigators believe it happened. first, a sophisticated hacker possibly a criminal organization broke into target's computer system and gained access to the company's
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credit and debit card terminals. then when shoppers swiped their cards to make purchases, the hackers stole the card data of up to 40 million customers including names, card numbers and expiration dates and security codes. >> once they get that private data, they can try to sell credit card numbers to others who will purchase it for pennies on the dollar and those people down the line will try to use it for fraudulent purchases. >> reporter: shoppers who used a target credit card were told to contact target. but the company's facebook page was swamped with angry complaints from customers who couldn't get through online or by phone. >> it's almost 2014, you would think they would have some kind of high-tech security going on. >> reporter: but security experts say this kind of scam could happen to almost any company as big as target. and debit card transactions don't have the same legal protections as credit cards.
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juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> if your debit card was hanged if you report fraudulent activity within two days you will be liable for $50 in charges reported within 60 days and liable for up to $500. after that, you will probably be responsible for everything. bay area congresswoman jackie speier told kpix 5 she would like to see legislation to better protect debit card customers. it's 4:36 on this friday morning, we have a first look at weather. >> this thing is speeding by this morning. we are cruising right along, yeah! [ laughter ] >> 6 minutes? >> minutes in, we're on the way! [ laughter ] around the bay area, it is a cold start as to the day in parts of the bay area. the temperatures really dropping off down the freezing point in some areas. but by the afternoon, we'll find some sunshine and some 50s and some 60s. so we are going to start to warm the temperatures up just a couple of degrees. out the door now, though, it is freezing in the napa valley at 31 degrees. 30 in santa rosa. 3 2 in concord, even 39 degrees in san jose. but looks like the weather is
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much improved in the latter part of the day. plenty of sunshine all day long. not expecting those winds either. about 61 in oakland. 60 in concord and 59 degrees in livermore. we'll have more on your weekend forecast. right now, let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. out the door we go towards the dublin interchange. there is some overnight roadwork out there for next 20 minutes or so. if you are heading westbound 580 between hacienda and 680, there is overnight roadwork and some towards the foothills. out of the altamont pass through tracy only 15 minutes between there and 680. also, here is a live look at our westbound 24 near the walnut creek interchange near 680. there was an accident there westbound 24 come out towards lafayette approaching pleasant hill road. it is in the clearing stages now. we just got off the phone with chp. and here's a live look at the bay bridge where there's still a high wind advisory at the bay bridge and the toll plaza no
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problems but there is some roadwork on the incline towards the tower. again, that should wrap up by 5 a.m. san mateo bridge traffic locks great so far out of hayward. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thanks, liz. the new president of bart's board wants to end employee strikes. he proposes a ballot measure. unions say it's grandstanding. the ban would only be symbolic. the legislature would have to enact a ban for strikes. several other agencies around the country don't allow transit employees to strike. san carlos is looking for a lawsuit to prevent pg&e to increase pressure in a gas line under the city. the california public utilities commission voted unanimously yesterday to allow the increase. the pressure had been lowered to check pipeline safety. the puc also fined pg&e more than $14 million because of poor recordkeeping about that line. a san francisco woman facing felony charges for a
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deadly crash is free on bail this morning. but she is not allowed to drive. jennie zhu pleaded not guilty to vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving yesterday. she is the one with the blue scarf. police say she was driving 80 miles an hour back in september. see rear-ended a minivan killing 16-year-old kevin san of lincoln high school. >> we believe based on the totality of the evidence that the charges are appropriate. >> she was so, so traumatized by the boy's death that particular day. it's hard to say her medical condition. that's what we're looking into. >> her attorney says she has mow memory of the crash. she faces seven years if convicted. a lawyer for the family of an oakland girl on life support will be in court today. 13-year-old jahi mcmath was declare brain-dead after a tonsil removal last week. the family's attorney says he
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plans to request an injunction to prevent the hospital from taking mcmath off life support. we are getting a better idea of what might have led to a shooting at a reno hospital this week. police say the suspect left behind a suicide note claiming that he had a botched surgery three years ago. police say the shooter targeted the urology clinic. he killed a doctor before turning the gun on himself. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what caused the ceiling of a london theater to come crashing down in the middle of a sold-out show. at least 80 people were hurt among 700 in the audience. charlie d'agata shows us the chaos. >> loud bang. i didn't think it was an explosion. and the ceiling came down. a lot of dust, chandelier,ed with and all that sort of stuff. >> reporter: many said they thought the loud noises were part of the play. >> we originally thought it was part of the theater and then yeah, then we just looked up and the whole ceiling was like slow motion kind of came down. >> reporter: other london
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theaters became triage for the walking wounded. some went to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. >> watch out, we thought it was part of the play. so that's why -- >> bang. we couldn't -- debris, dust, everything. everything where. it was like you couldn't see anything. you didn't know what was going on. >> wow. that's charlie d'agata in london. 7 people have serious injuries. but none are life-threatening. the apollo theater was built in 1901. it was last renovated in 1932. and its third tier balcony is the steepest in london. time now 4:41. a bay area school district will pay millions to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of a special needs student. the disturbing allegations against his teacher. >> growing controversy over comments from the star of the hit show duck dynasty. now there seems to be a standoff between the cast and the network. ,,
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millions of americans who a supposed to lose their heal insurance another break. the obama administration gave millions of americans who were supposed to lose their health insurance coverage another break. people who have had policies canceled but have been unable to get new health coverage will be able to get a hardship exemption. there's also a special plan for people under 30. they will be able to get bare bones catastrophic coverage and now there's a hotline for people to call in if they have had their plans canceled. a bay area school district will pay millions to settle a lawsuit that one of its teachers allegedly hit and verbally abused special education students. kpix 5's da lin spoke to the parents of one of the alleged victims. >> reporter: this tearful father feels guilty for the abuse of his autistic son at this antioch school. >> i failed miserably at recognizing the signs my son was giving me. >> reporter: the 6-year-old would be scared to go to school. >> we attempted to take him out
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of a car and him not speaki but grabbing the door. and i forced him and dragged him. >> reporter: larry and meaghan evans' son doesn't speak. he would cry every day leaving school. his behavior also changed. >> my son now thinks that being aggressive and being violent is the way to get anything. >> reporter: the evans eventually took their son out of mno grant elementary school. two months later they were told teresa allen-caulboy had abused several students. >> he had been backhanded in the face, that she had put him down on the ground face first and put her knee in his back. >> reporter: eight families sued accusing the antioch school district of covering up the abuse. the district agreed to an $8 million settlement. the evans family will received $1 million but says no amount of money can give them back their son's innocence. >> this is a life changing
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event. >> reporter: in antioch, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> as for the teacher, she has resigned and faces six counts of child abuse. members of the duck dynasty clan are standing by their patriarch who has been suspended from the hit show over comments that he made to "gq" magazine. they are threatening to stop filming with a&e without him. bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: phil robertson is known to speak his mind on the hit a&e reality series duck dynasty. >> kids in america today are fat. >> reporter: but the network camcorder him off the show indefinitely over comments he made in an interview with "gq" magazine. robertson was asked, what in your mind is sinful? his answer, start with homosexual behavior and just mor ph from there, beesity, sleeping around. neither the adulterers, homosexual offenders won't inherit the kingdom of god. don't deceive yourself. it's not right.
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he also compared them to swindlers and terrorists. a&e announced his hiatus. >> any statements saying they were putting phil robertson taking him off duck dynasty because they found his comments to be outrageous offensive and not in keeping with the a&e brand. >> reporter: supporters rushed to his defense. sarah palin tweeted, free speech is an endangered species. and bobby jindal the governor of robertson's home state of louisiana said it is a messed up situation when miley cyrus gets a laugh and phil robertson gets suspended. duck dynasty is about the family's multimillion-dollar duck call and decoy business. it is the number one unscripted show on cable. but without robertson, ratings may take a hit. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> 67-year-old phil robertson also said when he was growing up in louisiana before the civil rights movement he never saw any mistreatment of blacks.
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4:47. let's check weather. >> a little cold to start. cold clear start to the morning. low pressure system making its way into southern california. 32 and freezing in concord. 39 degrees in san jose. i think as we head toward the afternoon, we'll find mostly sunny skies and clear and the temperatures going to start to warm up a couple of degrees today and warmer for the weekend as that ridge of high pressure going to be building in very nicely. in fact, it's going to keep us dry for some time to come. plenty of sunshine this afternoon and the weekend. that low pressure system going to kick eastward throughout the day today. so looking at some very nice weather here and around much of the state. 50s and 60s into the central valley. partly cloudy in the high country but should stay dry. computers models trying to drag a few clouds in, that's the worst of it.
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going to see a lot of sunshine all day. so with that in mind, we'll warm these temperatures up a few degrees. plan on 58 in san jose. 58 in mountain view. and about 59 degrees in redwood city. may begin to see a few 60s popping up on parts of the east bay. and also inside the bay as high as 61 in oakland, and 59 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days, we'll warm those temperatures up. other than maybe a passing cloud or two, lots of sunshine, keeping us dry right through christmas. and now looks like we could very well stay dry until next year if you can believe that, elizabeth. >> i know. also the volume of traffic is going down the closer we get to christmas. we noticed it with each passing day. everything in the green, only 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so if you are traveling westbound highway 4 in the commute direction, it looks good. eastbound a few tapping of the brake lights as you get closer
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to the antioch bridge but in concord closer towards 242 there's no delay there at all. for the second straight day we have that high wind advisory for the bay bridge. be extra careful high-profile recession two hands and the steering wheel no delay towards the toll plaza at all. that roadwork should be in the final clearing stages from the incline towards the tower. if you're traveling in walnut creek it southbound 680 looks good if you are continuing out towards danville or out towards the macarthur maze, caldecott tunnel no problems out towards orinda. 880 and 237 if you are a sill sell commuter, we can show you a live look, if you are a silicon valley commuter. no brake lights towards sunnyvale. bart would also be a great option, maybe you have to get to work on do some holiday shopping later today. so far all bart trains are on time. that's the latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. stock futures suggest a higher open when trading begins this morning after yesterday's mixed results. we get the report from wendy gillette.
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>> reporter: markets held steady yesterday after wednesday's big gains following the federal reserve announcement they will slowly pull back on the stimulus program yesterday. potential victims of the security breach involving target say they are having trouble contacting the retail store through its website and call centers. target says the breach may involve 40 million stolen debit and credit card accounts. it's the second largest credit card breach in history. the senate vote on janet yellen as the next chairman as the federal reserve is tabled until next year. the formal vote on ben bernanke as successor will happen on january 6. if confirmed, she would be the first woman to to lead the central bank. ben bernanke's term ends january 31. imagine finding out your secret santa is one of the richest men in the world. one woman discovered she was paired with microsoft founder bill gates in an online gift exchange.
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the billionaire offered up a stuffed cow among other gifts and made a $500 donation to the heifer foundation which works to end hunger. for more log on to at the new york stock exchange, i'm wendy gillette. if you can't get enough retail therapy, you can now do round the clock christmas shopping almost right until christmas. starting this morning, several stores will keep their doors open 24 hours a day until the night of christmas eve. it adds up to almost 100 straight hours for some retailers. >> it gives people the flexibility to be able to get their shopping done on their own time and in their own way. i mean, people come in in slippers and pajamas overnight. >> that is not a surprise. macy's toys 'r us best buy and kohl's are just a few of the stores that will stay open from this morning until christmas eve. time now 4:52. coming up, at 5:00 an urgent
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warning from federal safety investigators following the deadly accident involving two bart workers. >> but first we'll take you to one of the most impressive christmas light displays popping up around the bay area. ,,
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bright in south san francis th a lot of sunshine coming our way after a cold start to the day. sunny 59 degrees in walnut creek. a little warmer as we hed in toward saturday. >> and checking the ride on the nimitz freeway right now, 880 in oakland, a nice ride through downtown oakland exits. a full look at the bay area commute is coming up. the holiday spirit is shining bright in south san
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francisco. there are elaborate displays off chestnut avenue. snowmen, reindeer, nativity scenes even a little patriotism weaved in, as well. and apparently some children shouting in the background. people have been walking around checking it out. enjoying themselves. >> they are shouting because look how cool that is? >> nice. >> it's friday's feel good moment of the day coming from a south carolina high school student. >> yeah. check out his reaction to a letter he will never forget. >> they said yes? >> they said yes. what do you say? >> yes! . it's pretty. >> are you happy? >> yes. >> you're going to be a college student next year. >> i know. >> you're going to be a clemson tiger! ! >> aww, he is so excited. 20-year-old ryan holcomb of south carolina just got into clemson s ryan has down syndrome and will join the university's life program which is geared toward students with intellectual disabilities. his parents posted his reaction on youtube.
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the video has more than half million views. sweet. all right. it's 4 minutes before 5:00. not giving up. a routine tonsil surgery left their daughter on life support. how one bay area family's fight to keep her alive to end up in court. >> reporter: investigators in london are still trying to figure out what caused part of the ceiling to collapse during a packed show in an iconic theater. we'll have the latest next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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missed outlying slow motion it all came down. >> in london the roof of the apollo theater is declared secure after it collapsed and injured at least 76 people last night. >> i'm afraid i tried to -- it wasn't no fighting. >> nearly a dozen bay area animals are safe after being rescued from a suspected dogfighting operation. >> it's a race against the clock for the bad guys and the merchants and target. >> the timing couldn't be worse in the middle of the holiday
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shopping season there's an international manhunt to find out who is behind the massive breach of target stores. >> justice for andy! >> a march for justice happening today for the santa rosa teen killed in october by a sheriff's deputy who mistook a bb gun for an assault rifle. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado good morning, everyone. it's friday, december 20. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. >> let's get a look at traffic and weather now. here's meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> a cold start to the day. you have all that very dry air outside and the temperatures really dropping off this morning. if you are headed out, grab a jacket. it's a chilly beginning. numbers down to 30 degrees in some spots, 32 in concord. 36 degrees in san jose. by the afternoon, though, here's the good news, we'll start to warm things up as high pressure builds in over head of the 50s and 60s going to begin to pop up. looking


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